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New Sodablasting and Glassbead Blasting Service

By August 27, 2014Rust-Busting
Purple Finishing

Shot Blasting

Our shot blasting facilities consist of two booths, one small for components and a second larger walk in booth measuring 6 meters by 4 meters.  Our new Sodablasting and Glassbead blasting Service available to the Automotive Industry.

Different Types of Blasting

A full range of ferrous and non-ferrous blast media are utilised in our blast cleaning operations. As well as blasting with chilled iron, alluminium oxide,glas beads, sodia and non metalic media


Steel Grit Blasting

Steel grit blasting is used for aggressive cleaning projects such as stripping contaminants from steel and other industrial metals.

Glass Bead blasting

Glass bead cleaning is suitable for soft metals such as aluminum and brass. It is ideal for engine blocks and light rust removal. A good choice for the restoration of car parts, motorcycles and other components where a gentle cleaning action is required

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is sutible for Carbon Fibre, Stainles Steel, Rubber,Chrome, Fibreglass Aluminium,Glass and GRP.

Blast Cleaning is conducted by propelling abrasive materials at high speed through a jet nozzel using pressurised air onto the surface of the component, leaving it clean, dry, profiled and ready for applying new coatings.

Caution should be used when dealing with a powder coating company that does not grit blast before painting over mild steel for architectural use.

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