In 2017 we re-invested in our business to ensure that we were providing the most up to date practises within our business for our customers. We installed a full end to end chemical treatments facility that allows for the best pre-treating and finishing products.

Chemical Pre-treament is essential to allow a professional paint finish to perform in the environment for which it is intended. The process ofapplying an inorganic conversion coating to a metallic surface involves removing any surface contaminants, then chemically converting the clean surface into a non-conductive, inorganic conversion coating

Essentially pre-treatment with chemical dips allows every nook and cranny of the component or part to be reached and treated professionally, therefore ensuring that your component or part can deliver the life span that you offer your clients.

At Rustbusters NI we will provide full certification of the process for any supply chain requirements ensuring your customers satisfaction.

Aluminium profilespost treatment 2post treatment 3post treatment 1